How to overcome motivational barriers to gain weight 100%


So how to overcome motivational barriers to gain weight.

Well this subject I love, as this is not just the psychology of weight gain “motivation”, it applies to all aspects of your life. It’s body weight management orientated, yes. But the environmental factors that affect weight, as an example, can be converted into, environmental factors that affect me at work.

So let’s get stuck in, the saying that comes first is “Rome was not built in a day” and the other one is “you can not make an omelet without breaking a few eggs”. Nothing is perfect, hardly anything goes smoothly with no hiccups unless it as been practised, so there is the point we need to practice!

How do we do that, we need to put our selves in the situation that it becomes second nature. On my other page Best home gym equipment to gain weight, I mentioned that 60% of gym memberships in the US are not used. That is a staggering amount of money being wasted, but good business for gyms.

Gyms know this, that only 40% of members will visit the gym, and now we are going to look at why.

How to overcome motivational barriers to gain weight stop talking

It’s very simple, they sell the dream, not the gym. They sell the image of yourself being that guy with the perfect body looking happy, with the woman next to him with also the perfect body and their life is just perfect……sold. So how do we combat that. The first action is, look to the right, “stop talking”, get on with it, there is no excuse, there will be no perfect time. You will not wake up one day and say, “I feel great, I am going to exercise”. Cut the crap and get on with it. Do not be that 60%.

Now how can I do that, you’re saying, it’s too hard. I can’t break through the barriers. Stop! You’re here for a reason, so give yourself a pat on the back. You are taking steps, reward yourself.


How to overcome motivational barriers to gain weight step buy step
Now the first trick, it called the 1% theory, and it is amazing, if you on any level of your life improve it by one percent a day, your life will be changed. Most people go for the drastic approach, where you get fit and healthy in two weeks, and then boom you crash. To avoid this! step by step is the key
How to overcome motivational barriers to gain weight not whatich netflix
For example, saying “I am tiered”, and I can’t sleep at night. Yes the classic, to improve that, stop using any kind of media device 1 hour before you go to bed, no watching Netflix until 12 at night. So the one percent on that would be. I am going to watch my series from 8 until 9 drink a herb tea, get ready for bed, with my phone turned off or on silent, be in bed at 10 and get up at 6 every day! OK, so that is a bit more than one percent.

So how does this relate to: How to overcome motivational barriers to gain weight, let’s take the 1% of improvement in your training.

If you had a gym just over the road, you would go a lot more, because it’s in front of you. When I was 15 my brother had a bench press in his room, right by the door. Every time I walked by, I looked at it and jumped on it, did 3 × 25 reps and boom. In one week, my friends were asking if I was going to the gym every day? I said no.

So without really knowing it, I was doing around 300 reps a day without the knowledge that I was training in any sort of way. So this is psychology of weight gain motivation at its best. It’s a kind of Neanderthal thinking. Seeeee………….dooooo.

So your home gym needs to be spread throughout your house, pull up bar by the kitchen, desk bike under your desk at home or work etc, there is another 1% of improving your life. Think about where do you go and keep everything visible, if you do not see it, then you will not do it, it is that simple. It’s a psychology hack.

Now, how to handle the things that prevent you from reaching your goals,

So Netflix at the back of your phone, anything else for that matter, Tick Tock OMG you go on it bye bye to any goal. Keep dictations away, but remember if you make a conscious choice, it is not a distraction it is a decision, so each day improve 1% on all aspects of your life, and you will be a superhuman.

Now do not think that this is going to make your life boring

You can put 1% on fun as well, so if you want to watch Netflix or anything else for that matter. Then set a time and stick to it. You will enjoy it a lot more and appreciate it.

Now you have a little understanding of the 1% theory.

With that in mind, let’s move to what three main factors determine your body weight, they are:

  • Your genetic background
  • your eating habits
  • general activity level

Here you can determine where the problem lies, the most important two are, activity level, and eating habits. Let’s go into eating habits and outline some basic issues, and try to improve them, 1% at a time.

Cat That need to gain weigh

Eating habits, as you are underweight you think, “yay” I can eat when I want, what I want and how I want. Wrong! When I was at my lowest weight, I was eating all day! Why did I not gain any weight and actually lost it?

Well I did not have any meal plan and when it did come to eating my main meals, I was simply not hungry, I did not give my body the chance to get hungry. That’s when I realized the importance of weight management.

Breakfast to gain weight

A meal plan that stopped me from eating all day and just eating at set times. Through that the body learns that that is meal time, it exits out of panic mode, stops running on adrenaline and builds up a healthy energy source.

So what did I do? I 1%ed it. I made my diet better, I got all the things that I normally ate in and divided them into meal and snack times, then I did another 1% and improved on the meals, adding healthy high calorie foods in the snacks.

I got on the scales and on the BMI calculator. I went from 18 to 22 in a week. So there you see the importance of meal management, see how by implementing the 1% improvement can change so much in how to overcome motivational barriers to gain weight.

So I am not going to go into the activity level motivation as I have above. You just need to evaluate whether you are doing the right amount of exercise, not too much and not too little.

mind set of weight gain

All of this is just a mind set that you need to develop, there is no right or wrong way, as we are all different, there are just key elements.

Another way is

Use a BMI chart or calculator every three days to see your progress or regress. You can gain more knowledge about yourself, to see where you are going wrong, this you need to see as progress as you have learnt.

So a quick review.

  • Use the 1% theory, improve slowly. Bits by bits, but surely.
  • Get a meal plan and use a BMI chart or calculator (check my meal plan and recipes here)
  • Make sure you see everything you need to help you achieve your goals
  • Hide distractions, like addictive games on your phone and limit social media
  • determine what three factors are causing your body weight

Get on a paid fitness plan!

Why you might say, free stuff comes easy, yes, but not the good stuff, you need to pay for that. Why do you think Weight Watchers or WW’s as it’s now known is so successful, you have to pay and if you pay for it, you are 90% more likely to compete the course.


OK, so there has to be a product here that can take all the questions out, give you a meal plan to help you on your way. It’s called the Lumen, and it measures your metabolism, showing you what type of energy you are using or burning, fats or carbohydrate.

The thing with the Lumen is you need to blow in it twice a day, that means you develop a Consciousness, and it pretty much tells you what to do through its app. So you have a plan. Click here to find out more

Here is a list of exercise programs you can do that will help motivate you.

So all in all most peoples’ motivational problems come from laziness, our body, and brain is always looking for the easer way. If we didn’t think like that, we would have not evolved the way we have, the industrial revolution would have never happened.

So environmental factors that affect weight.

Have a look at this photo, yes the dream two surfer girls, fit, looking healthy and smiling.

Well let’s go into the environmental factors

If you grew up next to the beach where there is great surf, it is more than likely that you will surf or be active. I am sure you get the point. If you live in a block of flats in the middle of the city, your environmental factors have drastically changed, so yes that will have an effect on your weight, fitness level etc.

Motavation to gain weight

So the trick is to utilize your environmental factors to your advantage. if you live on the 10th floor, take the stairs 4 or 5 times a day. a lot of parks have fitness sections where you can train. If you live in the country, run through the countryside, cycle, look at your surroundings and try to find ways to train. Once you start looking, you will find different ways to get that exercise.

There is what I call the No. 1 Program to gain weight from home. It has it all, everything you need, it is aimed people that can go to the gym and at home find out more here for my review.