Best home gym equipment to gain weight, $50 to $200

So here is the page we have set up to help you buy the Best home gym equipment to gain weight.

Remember this is what I think is the best on a low budget, there are loads of ways to have a compact home gym. It all depends on what you want to achieve, the best piece of exercise equipment to lose weight might not help.

Exercise is the key to your health and happiness. Whether you are at your home outside enjoying the weather on a nice walk, it is the key to producing dopamine, the happy hormone. Having the possibility to exercise to at home makes it more accessible, that helps you not avoid it.

empty gym to gain weight

Up to 67 percent of gym memberships go completely unused! And the average cost of a gym membership per month is $21, $252 a year can be saved just by investing in a product that might last a lifetime and for 100 dollars you can save 152 or more a year. So why not have your own compact home gyms.

Well to start off you need nothing, as I am assuming you are not taking part in any fitness regime. So we advise you take part in a flexibility course to get the juices flowing, there is a groundbreaking course called Hyperbolic Stretching for men that takes 30 days or Hyperbolic Stretching for Women. That at the moment will set you back $27 a gym membership for a month.

So now we can start with the best home gym equipment to gain weight.

Let’s start with the Best home Gym equipment to gain weight at home for under $50 and this one is best for a so-called compact home gym as you only need one thing, or you might be able to get two.

Resistance bands yes they are a great cost-effective way of flexing those muscles. Creating resistance and that you need for two things, blood circulation and that your muscles work, half an hour of that and see how your appetite grows.

Best home gym equipment to gain weight

Resistance bands yes they are a great cost affective way of flexing those muscles. Creating muscle resistance that you need for two things, blood circulation and that your muscles start to work, half an hour of that and see how your appetite grows.
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Now we have chosen these as find these great as they come with handles. The flat ones are good, but they don’t come with a handle, look at the picture above, all that pressure on your hands, this can hurt.

So Onto $100

Well we would recommend the same as above but add some Parallette Bars, as they are small and also versatile

They are one of the best pieces of equipment for home workouts, where you can do some very advanced training or just basic push-ups and holds.

Take a peek at this training

OK now onto $150 now you are building your compact home gyms

Here you have a choice, and see where you are in the whole thing, do you want to build muscle, or do you want to be just get stable.

So 150 to get toned, I would recommend getting some Dumbbells. Yes there are cheaper ones out there, and I could have put them in a lot earlier, It’s just we are just trying to gain weight here and not be body builders.

Dummbells to gain weight

Now this set has a nice touch that it can be made into a bar, at the moment the set costs $89.99. I like them as they are not round, so they are going to stay put on the floor. They also come in different weights. I would go for the 44lbs.

So on to the next thing, now we still have 60 or so left, I would throw in the Parallette Bars, you might be able to get a better set of dumbbells. So let’s just leave the rest.

So that’s the getting muscular version, now for the $150, for the “I just want to be normal” people out there.

So I would stick with the $100 selection and add what’s called a Desk bike.

Desk bike to gain weight
Now this little device is great, not just to get fit, but I think it is one of the best exercise machines for home a home gym, and for around $50 you can’t go wrong. The reason I love this thing, is It’s where you are, at your desk, so you see it, and you will do it. This is such an aspect of reaching any goal in life, I explain this in my How to overcome motivational barriers to gain weight or anything else for that matter.

As for exercise machines for home, that will be my only input, After that we are getting into a body building league, where you are starting to get into the 1000s. For that we need a whole different page.

If you would like to go full out home training plan etc, then check this out, It’s called Getup. It’s a whole program deigned around working out from home

This is a page to get you started and give you options that fit your budget, it’s the best home gym equipment to gain weight, not to be a muscle man. But all of this is just one bit of the whole process, Diet is also a huge part of it, motivation as well and so pop over to my other pages to learn more.

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