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Fifteen Minute Ebola Test Gains Approval

The World Health Organization has approved a rapid test for ebola – the test can provide a result in just 15 minutes. The approval comes in the wake of the current ebola epidimic which has already claimed the lives of 9,300 people.

Potent Forms of Cannabis May Increase the Risk of Psychosis

A study of 780 individuals carried out by King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience suggests the risk of psychosis is three times higher in users of “skunk-like” cannabis compared against non-users. 410 cannabis users were compared against 370 individuals who had never used the drug. The full analysis stated the use of [...]

Male Genes Will Not Become Extinct After All

For many years the theory that the Y chromosome is degrading has been popular amongst geneticists. The theory states that the genes on the Y chromosome, found only in men, is degrading at an exponential rate and will lead to extinction in 5,000,000 years. However, new research from the US indicates the the decay or [...]

British PM Pledges to Cut Car Whiplash Claims

It’s a common thing around the world for people to claim for personal injury after a road traffic accident. It’s so common that some people abuse the system by pretending to have whiplash fraudulently after an injury. This allows you to sue the other person for a small but significant sum of money which is [...]