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Eating Cabbage Can Aid in Prostate Cancer Survival

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health published an epidemiological study where they found that men with prostate cancer can improve their survival chances by eating cabbage every day. The research suggests that eating cabbage regularly can significantly decrease at which the disease develops.

Oregano Has The Potential To Kill Prostate Cancer Cells

Researchers at the Long Island University have found that a naturally occurring compound found in oregano can kill prostate cancer cells. Prostate Cancer is one of the most common types of cancer found in men and is fatal more times than not.

Experts Claim That Over Half of Cancer Are Preventable Today

Researchers at the Siteman Cancer Center in St Louis and Washington University, have made the claim that over half of cancer are preventable in this day and age. The researchers claim that society has the knowledge and means to avoid more than half of the cancers that afflict us. The research was printed in Science [...]

Low LDL Linked With Increased Cancer Risk

Researchers at the American College of Cardiology have determined that people with naturally low LDL (no use of statins or other drugs) may develop cancer later in life. The data shows that the low levels of LDL predate the formation of cancers by decades, meaning this may also be useful as a diagnostic tool for [...]

Some Anti Oxidants Can Damage DNA – Resveratrol, Genistein and Baicalein

Anti Oxidants have been popular for the last few years; the Acai Berry craze, goji berries, resveratrol etc. However, researchers at the National Institute of Health have discovered that some anti-oxidants can cause DNA damage but may also be able to treat cancer. Previously, it was believed that high levels of anti oxidants were beneficial for [...]

Fish Oils Contain Possible Cure For Leukemia

Research conducted at Penn State University has discovered that a compound found in fish oils appears to target leukemia stem cells. The claim is that this compound could be used to formulate a cure for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and possibly others.

Regular Smear Tests Increase Chances of Curing Cervical Cancer

Woman who are found to have cervical cancer as the result of a smear test, increase their chances of being cured. According to a Swedish study. The research indicated a 92% cure rate compared with 66% for women who were diagnosed via symptoms.

Target Found For New Lung Cancer Drug

A new target has been found for a novel new drug in the fight against lung cancer. The research was carried out at the Salk Institute of Biological Science. The drug is designed to deactivate an enzyme known for causing inflammation in cancer.

New Study Shows Promise For Skin Cancer Drug

A recent international study has shown that a new drug for aggressive, advanced skin cancer can double survival rates. Vemurafenib was given to patients in Australia and US and increased life expectancy by many months. 16 months of extra life was provided by vemurafenib (0n average) compared with only 9 months using the current, conventional treatment.

More Risks Associated With Fried Foods – Toxic Aldehydes

Fried food has a number of health risks associated with it – increased cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease, obesity etc. New research has shown that the toxins found in re-heated oil can cause cancer and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinsons. Some oils used for frying, such as sunflower, develop toxic compounds as a result [...]